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Arthur's All-seeing Architectural Almanac

Arthur walks the streets of London.

arthur alone

  • 2nd Jun 2002 - Pork Pie Hat

    Yawn. Cant believe it. Its actually warm in London. There must be something wrong with me. Or the thermometer. This is very strange. But it is a hot day. Maybe its global warming or the end of the World or something. Its gonna be very bad, venturing out into the street, virtually undressed, without my hat and coat. I might take a cardigan just in case though, you never know. But yesterday, the Weatherman told me it was going to be a lovely day, and it was absolutely dreadful. I mean, that weatherman must be crazy, or he's taking some very bad advice from somewhere. I was interested in a picnic in Hyde Park, but gave up the idea when I opened the street door, whereby a nasty gust of wind entered my trouser leg. When I recovered, I sneaked out later for some fish and chips. Now, the architectural wonder of London's many Art Deco Greek Chippys. Or are they Turks. How can you tell? But their shops, all chrome and stainless steel, are a wonderful fifties relic, something with which I strongly identify. If you're lucky, you get an splintered chip fork to cut your mouth open with. Nice. I'm at home in those places, however. Lots of mirrors, and a nice hot pie display, to warm your hands on in winter, or indeed, English Summertime, as its sometimes known. Brrrr!

  • arthur dressed to kill

  • 1st May 2002 - On The Buses

    Decided to be really daring and brave the London weather on a wonderfully glorious May day. Took the bus again, although the first bus that came along didnt stop for me, but instead decided to race past me into a very large puddle, the contents of which soaked me through to the skin. Nevertheless, another three of the same bus came along soon after, and it was quite a tough decision as to which to take. Went for the middle one. Then I got inspectorised by a very rude inspectors who treated us all like criminals. He didnt believe that my photograph on my bus ID was me. Just because i'm smiling in the photo, and not whilst being challenged by this bully. How outrageous! Thankfully, as we piled from the bus, the inspectors were attacked for their rudeness by umbrella wielding pensioners. Justice was done. Tragically, however, I found myself alighting into the thick of it when I reached London. It was Anarchists Day in town, and everywhere there were police battling it out with protesters. I ran for it as the turbulence from truncheons swished over my head. I made my escape through one of the many dickensian alleyways in the City. Ah! an architectural connection that no doubt you've been waiting for. And believe me, dear readers, it was well worth waiting for. Cheerio!

  • arthur asleep

  • 4th April 2002 - Troubled Waters

    Busy week, what with the Queen Mother going upstairs, to be reunited with the old man, after all these years. Which reminds me, I was on Tower Bridge the other day, you know, the one that we didnt sell to the yanks, and I was, as usual, looking through the gap in the middle of the roadway, you know, where the bridge splits into two when it has to. I had a leg place strategically on each part of the raisable surfaces, therefore being in North and South London simultaneously. When a barge went by underneath, it nearly made me dizzy, what with the scale of the thing. But its an amazing construction, carrying all that traffic over that loose lipped lump of iron. Gorgeous job, not a rumble felt anywhere. Only built for the horse and cart, must have been strengthened somewhere. I hope I was safe. Rule Brittania!

  • rain storm

  • 20th March 2002 - Spare Some Change Please?

    Hello, desk doodlers. Its wednesday again, just like the one we had last week, except this time ive blown five quid on a Travelcard to do a loverly London snoop. I went here there and everywhere, even queued at the soup kitchen. I did look so down and out. Dont worry, I did sneak a little contribution to the poor box. But Londons rough sleepers are a true wealth of London. They are the real all-seeing characters. I will see nothing unless its thru their eyes. And its through them I found some novelty steps down to blackfriars beach near the bridge. Those steps may have been there since the days of Traitors gate, I wonder. Just think whos trodden this path before me. Some other smuggler no doubt. Anyway, we all enjoyed a trip to our own seaside, shame about the sewage.

arthur with pigeon

  • 9th March 2002 - Tales from the Crypt

    Well, here I am in London. Actually made it into Trafalgar Square, next to that South africa House. It really is the center of the universe, my universe, and that of the old commonwealth. Anyway, theres pigeons everywhere, even one on my head. I think its after my prawn sandwich, the one I bought from Selfridges, at a mighty high price. Personally, I now fancy a pigeon pie, just like pigeon fanciers everywhere, they would honestly prefer to see these flying rats go in the pot, just the thing for a nice Sunday roast tommorow. Anyway, moving steadily along, I must get to the point. We're here to watch myself walk into the St Martins chuch crypt next door, survey the food, maybe have a rather naughty item, like an eclair, and then admire the stonework. And thats my tip for today. I recommend this nook, its a fantasmo experience. Wish you were here. Bring a bag (for the pigeon)

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