Arthur's All-seeing Architectural Almanac

Actually its more of a architecture-spotter's journal

Hello, Pigeon lovers. This is Arthur Shrimpton here, broadcasting to the world via the interesting medium known as the world wide web. Welcome to my all seeing Almanac. Actually, i'm not that all seeing, not since I bought this new pair of spectacles. Now where was I. Ah yes. Architecture!

Arthurs Almanac

Latest Journal from Arthurs Almanac:
Recent findings from the man whos obviously got nothing better to do than wander around the streets and then write up his on-line website diary. No wonder he doesnt do it every month. Most days he cant even get out of bed.
Arf's Archives: Page One
Arf's Archives: Page Two
Arf's Archives: Page Three
Actually, these are archives from Arf's architectural travel journal. Arthur and his pigeons take the high roads and the low roads of Londons historical trails, then go home for a nice cup of tea. Exciting stuff. I think i'd better sit down.

Arthurs Website

Arthur's an Author in the Biography Stakes:
Well, it's the least you could say, as Arf' slaved over a computer for weeks to ghost write his life story. Bound to be a best seller, and now brought to you in abridged internet form at last. I cant wait to see how it ends.
Collection of Arthurs Impressionistics:
In short, Arthur has whipped out the old easel and etched out an abstract Arthurian view of himself, or at least how he thinks he should look. Arthur looks in the mirror, he sees Sean Connery, he gives that assured smirk, strolls off looking mighty pleased with himself, and trips over the cat.
Arthur's Guestbook:
Ok, so when people E-Mail Arthur, it's always something rude or horrid, as if to frighten the poor old boy. consequently, he's decided to set up a nice Guestbook, so that the world might look upon ye works of the great unshaved. Sign in, and see how ghastly you can be with you poison pen:
Welcome Page/This is where you came in:
This Welcome page deserves an audience, rather than a glance. One should appreciate the seconds it took poor Arthur to constuct.
Page Full of Smashing Webrings:
These jolly little items have the power to transport you to another world. Or maybe to fall asleep at the computer. Heres a few that did quite catch my eye.



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